Fourth Grade Music

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Things We Do

We focus on beautiful singing and learning how to read music.

Fourth Grade is the year we join the Chorus, Band, and Orchestra.

Band players - see notes from Mr. Kemp- click here!

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Instrumental Corner

Instrument Collage

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***Keep in mind that this Instrumental Schedule does NOT have
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names or pictures on the internet. Your child needs to know
his/her Group letter in order to read this schedule.

Songs We Know


Here are some examples of the Chorus songs we are working on
for the Spring Concert. Click either Audio only or click Scorch
to be able to view the music score and have many other options
available to you. With Scorch, you can even Print and change the music.
Have fun with it! CLICK HERE for information about the Spring Concert.

Spring Concert Songs:

Chorus songs will be put here on-line soon!
This page is one of the BEST parts of being in
fourth grade! It is a TON of FUN to practice our
chorus songs at home. Please check back soon to
see if Mr. Kemp has any more chorus songs.

Here is what we have for now:

The Rainbow Connection (Webpage)

Oliver Cromwell (Scorch)
Oliver Cromwell (Audio Only)

Promised Land (Webpage)

Sleep My Baby (Webpage)

MP3Turn Again Whittington
AppleTurn Again Whittington

NEW: Everyday Superhero (Webpage)

The whole school will also sing America, the Beautiful.


Special Chorus - CLICK HERE


CLICK HERE to listen to Hey Ho, Nobody Home!


***Parents should work with the musicians to
make sure the Scorch plug-in works. Mr. Kemp
does NOT believe kids should be working on
this website without parent's permission and
supervision - especially for the first time.


SnowflakeCLICK HERE if you still want to listen to or sing the Winter Concert Songs.

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