Fourth Grade Music

to learn what Summer Music was all about.

Congratulations on a great concert!
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Here you can listen to the Audio Track
of the nighttime performance:

Click here to listen to the Orchestra (6.1 MB)
Click here to listen to the Chorus (13.4 MB)
Click here to listen to the Band (9.7 MB)

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America, the Beautiful

Practice singing by LISTENING FIRST, then sing along:
Click here to listen to Mrs. Carson's class singing America, the Beautiful!

Also - Click here for the piano audio file of America, the Beautiful;
or Click here for a Scorch file of America, the Beautiful.

Congratulations!!! Check out pictures from the winning ARTISTS!!!
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Regions Songs are HERE!

Want to WRITE your own music?!?
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Long Division Rap - Click here

Things We Do

We focus on beautiful singing and learning how to read music.

Fourth Grade is the year we join the Chorus, Band, and Orchestra.

Band players - see notes from Mr. Kemp- click here!

Orchestra players - see notes from Mr. Kemp - click here!


Instrumental Corner

Instrument Collage

CLICK HERE to check out Mr. Kemp's Instrument Videos!

CLICK HERE for a few Supplemental Instrumental pieces.

Songs We Know


Here are some examples of the Chorus songs we are working on
for the Spring Concert. Click either Audio only or click Scorch
to be able to view the music score and have many other options
available to you. With Scorch, you can even Print and change the music.
Have fun with it! CLICK HERE for information about the Spring Concert.

Spring Concert Songs:

The Path to the Moon (Audio only)
The Path to the Moon (Scorch)


The Rainbow Connection (Audio only)
The Rainbow Connection (Scorch)

Cock-a-doodle-doo! (Audio only)
Cock-a-doodle-doo! (Scorch)

Forever Young (Audio only)
Forever Young (Scorch)

The Wayfaring Stranger (Audio only)
The Wayfaring Stranger (Scorch)

Art Thou Troubled (Audio only)
Art Thou Troubled (Scorch)
Special: Miss Sheffield sings Art Thou Troubled

***Parents should work with the musicians to
make sure the Scorch plug-in works. Mr. Kemp
does NOT believe kids should be working on
this website without parent's permission and
supervision - especially for the first time.


Still want to practice songs from our play?
How Our Kids Stole The Show<--Click!!!

If you still want to hear our Winter songs,


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