Family Music Links

Here are some great websites that you can explore together as a family.
***UPDATED March, 2019.

**Children should always ask for an adult's help when exploring on the internet.

Learn about BAND instruments!

Learn about ORCHESTRA instruments!

Chrome Music Lab
Lots of fun music activities! "Song Maker" is Mr. Kemp's favorite.

“The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” Listening Adventure -
From Carnegie Hall

Another great listening adventure! (Requires FLASH)

“Dvorak’s New World Symphony” Listening Adventure -
From Carnegie Hall

One of Mr. Kemp's favorite songs in a cool adventure setting. (Requires FLASH)

Arts Alive from the National Arts Centre
Lots to explore, including some games!

Classics for Kids
Another site with lots of things to do including games.

Science of Music
Interesting for older kids. (Try the "kitchen sink-o-pation".)

Music Theory (For 4th grade and higher.
Some easy to very hard quizzes!)

An incredible site if you really want to get good at music.
Kids might need some help getting started, but once they
figure out how to use this site, they can learn most anything
about music theory!

Internet4classrooms - Music Resources
Here you'll find a list of 85 other music websites!
There are also a TON of other Arts websites if you search!

TruePeopleSearch - Know Your Composers!
Here you can learn some fascinating information about some of the
most famous composers in history!
(Mr. Kemp's favorite is Johann Sebastian Bach!)