Summer Band Academy

This exciting new summer program is designed for band students
with a minimum of 2 years experience, or by recommendation from
your director, who want to further their skills in band, small ensembles,
and/or jazz band. The primary focus of this academy is to challenge
the middle-school and young high school student to perform at a
higher level not only through participation in large ensembles, but
also through student-directed and director-coached sectionals, mini-
lessons, and small ensembles. For more details, please contact Summer
Band Academy director, and Martin Kellogg Middle School Director of
Bands, Kenneth Bell at

Depending on enrollment, the following programs will be offered:
Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Mini Lessons, Chamber
Ensembles, Sectionals, Basic Music Theory/Fundamentals, Jazz
Improvisation, Regional Festival Solo/Scale work.

Location: Newington High School

Staff: Kenneth Bell & Music Staff

***IMPORTANT: The Summer Band Academy is a completely separate
program from Summer Music.

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