Our School Song

Our school song is called "The Me I'm Learning To Be".
The words were written by a woman named Imogene
Forte and the music was written by our music teacher,
Mr. Kemp! He took the poem by Mrs. Forte and added
the music. Many pieces of music are written this way.
Sometimes the opposite happens - sometimes the music
is written first and then the words are added.

Here is the poem called "The Me I'm Learning To Be"
At the bottom of the poem you can here kids singing
the song very beautifully. You can also see a special
show with Mr. Kemp singing the song or see a NEW
movie featuring the school song!

***NEW - Click Here to hear former Paterson
student Robert Ciaffaglione singing our school
song! Thank you Mr. Ciaffaglione!!!

The Me I'm Learning To Be
by Imogene Forte

There's more to me than meets the eye,
I'm beginning to understand.
It's what I think and how I feel
That make me what I am.

Why do I do the things I do,
And say the things I say?
What is important, and how do I tell?
I'm learning more each day!

I learn from friends and family,
From work, from play, from school.
I've also learned to take some time
To sit and think things through.

The more I learn the more I grow,
And then the more I see
Just how much more I want to know,
The me I'm learning to be!

CLICK HERE to listen to beautiful singing!

CLICK HERE for a special performance that includes the words and the music

CLICK HERE for a special movie!