Bashana Haba'ah

Special recording of Bashana Haba'ah:
Listen to the Indianapolis Children's Choir sing "Bashana Habaah"

YouTube video of Bashana Haba'ab as sung by the
Indianapolis Children's Choir CLICK HERE

To learn this difficult song, first practice the pronuciation
of the Hebrew words with Mr. Kemp:

CLICK HERE to learn the Hebrew words

Next, listen to YOUR PART ONLY. Most people will learn Part 1:

Part 1 (Most people will sing Part 1)

Part 2 (A small group will sing Part 2)

Now CLICK HERE to listen to both parts put together!
With some computer magic, Mr. Kemp is singing along
with Mr. Kemp!!! Yes, you heard me right!

Finally, are you ready to practice without any help???

YouTube Video for "Bashana Haba'ah!!!

Or view the Bashana Haba'ah YouTube video right here: