Violin is the smallest of the 4 string instruments.

Click on some of the links below to learn more about
the Violin and to hear the Violin being played.

Link #1: From the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids' site.
Learn more about the Violin and hear how it sounds.
(This is a nice Violin sound!)

Link #2: Watch a video of some AMAZING Violin players!
They are playing a song from Vivaldi called "The Four
Seasons - Spring". Be sure to ask your parents permission
because this is a YouTube link.

Link #3: Another YouTube video. This is a wonderful duet
by a famous composer named Bach. It is a guy and a girl
playing together. Mr. Kemp thinks you will really like this!

Link #4: Here's the same song, but BOTH PARTS are
played by the same person with some computer magic!

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