Cello is one of the larger stringed instruments.
It is big enough that you have to play the Cello while
sitting down and resting the Cello on the floor in
front of you. It plays LOW notes in an Orchestra.

Click on some of the links below to learn more about
the Cello and to hear the Cello being played.

Link #1: From the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids' site.
Learn more about the Cello and hear how it sounds.

Link #2: Watch a video of an AMAZING Cello player!
His name is Yo Yo Ma, and he is the most famous Cello
player in the world. The song is by J.S. Bach.
It is called "Suite No. 1 - Prelude". This is from YouTube,
so be sure to ask for your parent's permission first.

Link #3: Here is that same song played by a beautiful
lady outside in a field. It's very cool! :) Which version do
you like better - they guy or the lady???