Third Grade Music


Things We Do

We focus on beautiful singing and keeping a steady beat.


In Third Grade we learn how to play the recorder. Here are
some helpful hints to follow when practicing at home:

  1. We LOVE"Left-overs"!!! Always keep your Left hand OVER your Right!
  2. Too, too, too - always whisper "Too" into the recorder.
  3. Leaks make squeaks! Cover the holes all the way to make the right sound.
  4. If you can hear yourself playing, you're playing too loud! (Not really, but the point is that the recorder is meant to be played quietly, not loudly.)
  5. Practice, practice, practice!!! If you want to become good at the recorder, you should practice at least 5-15 minutes 3 times per week.
  6. Have fun! Start a band! Put on a show!!!

Recorder Videos!!!

Do you want to be an expert recorder player?
Watch these videos and you'll be on your way to excellence!!!

Mr. Kemp's Recorder Video #1 (The basics)

Mr. Kemp's Recorder Video #2 (Learn to play beautifully!)

Mr. Kemp's Recorder Video #3 (The "Hot Cross Buns" video!)

Mr. Kemp's Recorder Video #4 (How to read music notes in our recorder book.)

Mr. Kemp's Recorder Video #5 - The "Let's Read Page 5" video!
Mr. Kemp walks you through how to read page 5 of your recorder book.

Mr. Kemp's Recorder Video #6 - The "Let's Read Page 6" video!
Mr. Kemp goes through page 6 of your recorder book. Become an EXPERT!!! :)

Mr. Kemp's Recorder Video #7 - Let's Practice Drawing Music Notes!
Mr. Kemp walks you through how to draw music notes on page 7
of your recorder book.

"Must Be Santa" Video #1 (How to follow the music in your book.)

"Must Be Santa" Video #2 (How to play the notes beautifully.)

"Must Be Santa" Video #3 (The performance!)


Songs We Know

Soon we will know:

Hot Cross Buns

Mary Had a Little Lamb



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