First Grade Music


Things We Do

We focus on beautiful singing and keeping a steady beat.

Practice Rhythms and Singing!

CLICK HERE to practice Echoing Du and Du De patterns.

Can you DECODE??? CLICK HERE to practice!!!

Are you an EXPERT??? CLICK HERE for a tough Decoding Challenge!!!

CLICK HERE to practice singing your scale and Do Re Mi patterns!!!


Songs We Know

Our School Song: The Me I'm Learning To Be (Click to play!)

Puff the Magic Dragon - Mr. Kemp Sings

Miss Molly Malone - Mr. Kemp Sings

The Carrion Crow - Mr. Kemp Sings

The ABC Song

Are You Sleeping

Old King Glory

The Corner Grocery Store

Echo Along

It's So Good to See You

Little Red Caboose

That's a Mighty Pretty Motion

Oh You Walk, Walk, Walk

The Garden Song

Over in the Meadow

What Shall We Do?

America, the Beautiful

Practice singing by LISTENING FIRST, then sing along:
Click here to listen to a 4th grade class singing America, the Beautiful.
The whole school will sing this together at the Spring Concert.

Also - Click here for the piano audio file of America, the Beautiful;
or Click here for a Scorch file of America, the Beautiful.


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