Winter Program Drawing Contest

Mr. Kemp needs a great picture for the Winter Program cover!
Are YOU a good ARTIST?

Everyone in fourth grade is invited to create a program
cover. See Rules below:

Rules for the Winter Program Drawing Contest:

  1. RULE #1 - FOLLOW THE RULES, or you will NOT WIN!
  2. All drawings must be handed to Mr. Kemp by
    Wednesday, November 27th.
  3. Drawings should be in PENCIL.
  4. Mr. Kemp will decide on a winner based on
    artistry. TAKE YOUR TIME, do a NEAT
    job and you'll have a better chance!
  5. Drawings should fit the size of 1/2 sheet of paper.
  6. Put your NAME on the back of the paper.
  7. Do not put your name on the front of the paper
    with the picture.
  8. Be sure to include all of the information on the
    "sample" side of the contest page.
  9. CLICK HERE to download the contest page. Then,
    print the page out and make your picture!