Concert DVD'S & Files DVD

You have 3 choices to get the Winter Concert video:

#1 - If you would like a DVD of our Winter Concert,
please send in a note to Mr. Kemp along with a blank,
writable DVD+R or DVD-R.
Be sure your child's name is somewhere on the DVD or case.

#2 - Send 1 dollar and Mr. Kemp will buy a blank DVD for
you and give you a concert DVD.

#3 - Send in a BLANK Flash drive with at least 4GB of free space.
Mr. Kemp will give you a digital video file (.MP4) of the concert.

This is evening performance only.

***Keep in mind - YouTube, (or my account), might
not be around forever, nor will

YouTube video!!!

CLICK HERE to watch our Winter Concert on YouTube!
Please ask your parents before going to view videos on

Or you can watch the Winter Concert video right here:


For parents who like to plan ahead: Our Spring Concert
date is Thursday, May 7th, 2020.