Second Grade Music


Things We Do

We focus on beautiful singing and keeping a steady beat.

We start to read music notes in second grade.

We will read Du & Du-De and Mi-Re-Do


Practice Rhythms and Singing!

CLICK HERE to practice Echoing Du and Du De patterns.

Can you DECODE??? CLICK HERE to practice!!!

Are you an EXPERT??? CLICK HERE for a tough Decoding Challenge!!!

CLICK HERE to practice singing your scale and Do Re Mi patterns!!!


Songs We Know

All Join In

Make New Friends

Over In The Meadow (CLICK HERE!)

The Garden Song (Click here to listen to beautiful singers!)
The Garden Song (SCORCH)
(Choose "Scorch" to actually see the music -
you will need your parent's help the first time you do this.)

The Chicken Dance

The Me I'm Learning To Be (Click here to listen!)

From last year:

Little Drops of Water (CLICK HERE!)